At ChildSol we employ an integrated system of pro-active measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These include regularly disinfecting, and cleaning our premises, screening and sanitising everyone that accesses our premises, as well educating our employees on an ongoing basis. Management keeps regular check on adherence to established routines, protocols and procedures.

Childsol is an approved member of SA Childcare and adheres to the best practice guidelines set by the association in combating Covid-19. Childsol also collaborates with a plethora of medical practitioners who act as a sounding board on the state of our health standards, and make relevant recommendations.

People can catch coronavirus from others who are infected, even if they don't have any symptoms. This happens when an infected person sneezes or coughs, sending tiny droplets into the air. These can land in the nose or mouth of someone nearby.

Some even smaller droplets can linger in the air for minutes to hours. These are called aerosols. People send aerosols into the air when they talk or breathe. Aerosols can travel on air currents away from where they started. So, coronavirus sometimes can spread by aerosols. This is more likely to happen when an infected person spends a long time indoors, in a space with poor ventilation.

People with COVID-19 can have a fever, cough, and trouble breathing. Some people might have:

  • Cold symptoms such as a sore throat, congestion, or a runny nose
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • A loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Tiredness

Yes, Management ensures there is sufficient quantity of hand sanitisers at key points of need in the Creche, for example work entrances, classrooms and toilets based on the number of workers or persons who access the workplace.


Isolation is for those who are already sick and/or have tested positive for Covid-19, but don’t require hospital admission for medical care.

Quarantine is for people or groups who were exposed to Covid-19 by being in close contact with someone who has or might have been infected by the Covid-19 and therefore might be infected with Covid-19. Quarantine keeps these people away from others, so they do not unknowingly infect anyone if they have actually been infected. Some people quarantined would have been infected and some would not have been infected.


Screening is undertaken through a questionnaire to determine whether a person has any symptoms and a possible temperature check. Those who “screen positive” i.e. display symptoms of Covid-19 might have been infected. If they are >55 years and / or have comorbidities, they will be tested for Covid-19 and asked to isolate while they await the test results. If a person “screens negative” they will be allowed to continue with their work.


Childsol Creche does not permit anyone with symptoms to enter the workplace or to report for work. If someone is already at the building, Childsol will ensure that the employee is isolated, provided with a surgical mask, washes their hands, and arrange for the person to be transported in a manner that does not place other workers or members of the public at risk.


This information is issued by the order of management of Childsol Creche & Pre-school. Should you need any further information or wish to enquire about our facility, kindly contact the Principal on the details below.

Principal:          Nomasiko Patience Dlamini

Mobile:              079 730 5646

Landline:          011 027 5353 / 010 221 1176

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